‘Exposed Gallery’ Moves Back to Melrose

Exposed Gallery before it closed in 2014. (Courtesy: Exposed Gallery & Studio)

*This article also available in February print issue of This Melrose Life Magazine 

Photographer and artist Gregg Edelman is moving back to Melrose, back into the gallery he left in 2014, and throwing a grand re-opening party the night before Street Fair. Melrose is invited to join Friday March 2 from 6-10pm for a VIP preview of their new show. Nibbles and drinks will be provided. T.M.L. interviewed him via e-mail Feb. 5:

Why are you coming back to Melrose?

After taking some time off I was ready to reopen the gallery. The creative part of me was missing the Melrose area. The Melrose district is growing leaps and bounds and the neighborhood thrives on smaller independent businesses.

Does the neighborhood feel the same to you?  

With the completion of The Curve, the area has really stepped up its urban feel and walk-ability factor. It’s becoming a more centralized location for living, shopping, eating and playing.

Please describe your art:

As a professional photographer I will feature my work from time to time. I have (also) been expanding into painting and mixed media in the past year. The first show will feature my work and paintings by H. Geo. Unti. We will also be adding in-house artists in all mediums.

Do you plan to bring back the First Friday bus, or the Erotic Art show?

I do plan on working on bringing the First Friday Art walk back to the Melrose area. I just need to see how many M7 businesses want to be a part of it before I move forward.
As for the Erotic Art Show I have no plans to bring it back at this time, but we will
have erotic and sensual art during specific shows, but not all at one time.

What changes do you like/dislike in the neighborhood?

The area is improving by keeping its Mid-Cen-tury charm. We are going to do our part in contributing to the landscape of the area.

What is your philosophy as a small business owner?

I feel it’s important to concentrate on quality, diversity and pride of ownership. It’s importing to me that no matter your income level you will be able to af-
ford artwork for your home. Our prices will always range to accommodate our clients.

How does your philosophy differ from what you understand to be a corporate business or even franchise?

Art is not buying something off the rack. It should be something that expresses the feelings of the buyer so they can show it off and feel proud of
the purchase they made.

What do you want the neighborhood to know?

I will be a contributor to the neighborhood in a positive way and do what we can to add a little color and fun to the Melrose Area.

What do you want neighborhood leaders to accomplish while you’re here?

I’m very impressed by what the past and current leaders have accomplished so far. They have taken an area and revitalized it so that people want to be a part of it. I do realize it is a non-stop endeavor to keep moving forward. We may hit some roadblocks but we will all continue to make it better and preserve its charm for decades to come.

Were you involved with any neighborhood associations in the past, and will you be going forward?

I used to Chair the 3rd Street Business Alliance before moving to the Melrose area. I will be supporting the S.A.M.A. board as much as possible moving forward.

Do you care to comment on property values? 

We have been very happy with the value. Our property and others have benefited as the area changes for the better.

(Art courtesy of Exposed Gallery)