Street Fair Guests Share Their Thoughts About Melrose

Click here to read more about the crosswalk specifically, or scan below for comments about Melrose in general.


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(Photo credit: Rodney Haas Photography)

This Melrose Life could not let the 16th annual Melrose Street Fair pass by without documentation. So, we rented a booth, put out our magazine, and asked people what they thought about our community. Anyone who wished was handed a notecard, a marker, and a clothes pin. We had only one rule: “Tell us what you think about Melrose, or what you want to know.”

Read for yourself the answers:

“Go straight to the gay-borhood” – Lizz

“Open & inclusive to all” – Unsigned

“Good vibes and good humans make Melrose awesome.” – Crissy,

“A big thank you to Melrose!” – Unsigned

“Cool, upbeat feel!” – Mari

“Love the people, neighbors!” – Unsigned

“My people, my place!” – Unsigned

“Be a good human” –

“Welcome to the gay-borhood!” – Unsigned

“Love the shopping and the people!” – Mary

“#Gayborhood #PhxPride2018” –

“Great people. Friendly.” – Unsigned

“Shopping & Arts!” – K.T.

“This is the gayborhood” – Dave

“I love Melrose for the people!” – Unsigned

“Streetfair!” – Dorene Johnson

“Bring more musical venues and local artists!” – C.A.

“Melrose has pretty much everything. The Wag n’ Wash is the best. Everyone around here is pretty chill too.” – Unsigned

“I love the people!” – Unsigned

“I love the community and how friendly and kind everyone is,” – Constance,

“Great drive through 7th Avenue!” – Unsigned

“Awesome event…Great food, cars, and People.” – David H.

“The Mix of The Curve” – Unsigned

“Love Melrose! It’s the gayest part of town!” – Unsigned

“Preservation of thrift stores and no chain stores.” – Lauren Cooperrider

“My neighborhood is similar but not as cool!” – Peggy B.

“Ask questions and make the suits sweat!” – Unsigned

“Twigs and twine!” – Unsigned

“Fantastic community!” – Unsigned

“Nice neighbored. Friendly people. Great businesses. Would love to learn more about it.” – Ann

“The fruit loop!” – Unsigned

“Roommates, boyfriends, hookups!” – Unsigned

“Originated from New York but the diversity of food stole my heart!” – Kei

“Would love to know where I can find a neighborhood event calendar” – Unsigned

“Originally from New York but now I have a new favorite place!!” – Angela
Be our family! I got all my sisters with me!” – Michael

“Melrose: beautiful area, homes, events, businesses. Great experience! Thanks!” – Unsigned

“Copper Star! I like my coffee like I like my men…” – Unsigned