“Lyceum” Back on Track


After a two-month delay, crews went back to work on Melrose’s town-square style gathering space, “The Lyceum” at 7th and Montecito Avenues. “The City determined we needed a different gage steel (for shade structures) than what we originally thought,” said Pam Pawlowski, a Board Member of the Community Alliance of Seventh Avenue overseeing the project. “We had to interview firms who were specifically licensed for that material and who would also donate it.” _DSC0307

The land, which was donated by Clear Channel Outdoors along with $50k, is owned by the City of Phoenix and must meet public park standards. According to Pawlowski, a City inspector determined Norris Design Group, the original firm that helped conceive The Lyceum, did not have the right license to continue with that specific material.


“(Norris) was going to donate (the steel) and then found out they couldn’t even do it,” she said. C.A.S.A. placed a sign at the site advertising the need for donations and another firm stepped up to donate materials and finish the job at minimal cost.

C.A.S.A. did not identify the firm but Pawlowski said the project has now surpassed the original budget. “The first half went to design,” she said. “Permitting fees have been (a large) drain.” The Lyceum is now due for completion in late May. Read more about the Lyceum.