A “Legal Shield” to Stand Up for Yourself


Advertorial: The lawyer called me back while I was still at lunch. I was so impressed with the response time I was momentarily speechless. Then she stayed on the phone with me until neither of us could think of any more questions to ask and not once did my lawyer hint she had something better to do. At the end of the call she assured me she was ready to fight if needed, but her advice was for me to wait and see what happens.

Now let me tell you, as an Arizona teacher, a Realtor with a master’s degree in development, and having once helped run a criminal law practice, I am a natural advocate. I believe fairness requires action. I wasn’t inclined to sit still when a client threatened in a letter to sue me for their clerical error.

However, the attorneys at Davis Miles Law Firm had already proved to me their worth on a previous occasion. So in rare form, I took a deep breath and did exactly as I was advised, nothing. To my astonishment, the problem solved itself, just as my lawyer said it probably would, and I still have a good relationship with that client today.

LegalShield, now available at a discount to members of the Seventh Avenue Merchants’ Association, is more than legal insurance. It’s a membership to a network of professionals dedicated to business and human development, personal and business resources that help us navigate a complex society we’ve been building for centuries.

Here’s the logic: you have a right to express yourself, a right to a weapon, a right to privacy and safety, a right to make a profit, and a right to be treated fairly under the law. So…who convinced you any of that just happens automatically? Politicians? Bankers? Human nature? More to the point, who told that you don’t need a lawyer until you’ve already been hurt, or are already in trouble?

We get nothing in this world purely by right. Though we shouldn’t have to fight (or pay) to prove that water is wet, or the sky is blue, finding truth inside the largest system in our society (the government) can be an exhausting task even when it’s not the government picking a fight. And let’s be honest, lawyers are like cops: no one wants one around until they need one.

However, having a relationship with one might make all the difference when your next challenge arises, and you don’t have to be rich to keep one on waiting for you on retainer. Though the American public is not encouraged to think of legal advice as a commoditized service industry, pre-paid legal services have been around for decades, and run on a pretty simple business model. Pick a monthly subscription and accumulate hours of advice and trial representation over time. All plans guarantee 24 hour emergency response, including in-person representation when needed.

The best part: you’ve got the resources of an entire firm who owe you answers.

It took me months to work up the courage to risk a few dollars (and my pride) to try out LegalShield, and only one phone call with one of their lawyers for me to smack my forehead, roll my eyes, and shout “duh!”

Since July of 2017 I’ve spent at least 5 very educational hours with different lawyers, learning things I’ve now used in my business and personal life. I’ve paid less than three hundred dollars, and saved about twice as much.

Even if I never call again this year, I will have received more hours of advice for less than a third of what I would pay the average attorney.

How did this take me so long?

For years I’ve been the one friends and family call with legal questions. I’ve spent thousands of hours observing court cases, the vast majority of which I wasn’t involved. I’ve defended myself (minor issues) twice, and even watched court in two other countries. Suffice it to say, I’m a fairness geek.  So you can imagine how draining it was to have to end every end every call, “you’ll need to also ask a licensed attorney.”

Now I get to say, “Give me $25 and I’ll get you a lawyer within 8 hours.”

Yes, I sell LegalShield memberships for a small commission. That’s why this article is an editorial and written in the first person. But please let me state unequivocally that I don’t sell things I don’t use myself and I try to educate people in everything I do. Like most things worth our money, we won’t understand its value until we use it.

There’s nothing certain in life but death, taxes, and legal “stuff.”

Wouldn’t you like to be able to send a photo of your next traffic ticket to your lawyer minutes after the cop writes it, or actually reach someone on the phone God-forbid you are contacted by the police in the middle of the night? Has there ever been a time you wished someone could call or write a letter to your landlord or employer on your behalf?

Lady justice is blind, you shouldn’t be.

If you’re o.k. paying for car insurance, even though you’re a good driver; if you’re o.k. paying for health insurance, even though you’re healthy; if you’re o.k. paying taxes to fund police, even though you’re not a criminal; why would you balk at paying $25 a month to get a lawyer on the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for almost any personal, business, civil, or criminal matter? I mean, the others are mandatory…

Let’s discuss this more: 602-575-1170.

*The Publisher of T.M.L. is a LegalShield Associate who benefits from the sale of their services. The information in this article is accurate to the best of his knowledge and is intended to relay his personal experiences using the service he sells. Still, however, this article should not be considered news or fact reporting as the Publisher has a monetary interest in the sale of this product.