Where is ‘Melrose?’


“Melrose” is a feeling, as much as a place: 

Originally a salute to the official Melrose neighborhood, “Melrose” generally refers to the square mile that straddles Seventh Avenue between Camelback Road to the north, and Indian School Road to the south. The colloquial “district” is comprised of four residential neighborhoods that hug a one-mile strip of local retail.

Just a smidge northwest of “Midtown” Phoenix, our boundaries blend depending on who describes us. You may hear people say “I’m in Melrose” as far up as KTVK’s Channel 3 studios at Missouri Avenue, or down at Kobalt Bar in the Park Central Mall. The lines don’t really matter, because you’ll know when you’ve arrived.

You’ll drive under our iconic arch, and past our mid-century modern retail. You might meander along our colorful streets flanked by homes from eras past. The point is, nowhere else in Phoenix will you find as many creative minds.

“Melrose” is known by day as a mecca for antique furniture and custom auto repair, and by night as the unofficial downtown for the metro L.G.B.T.Q. community. A dozen spots in which one can eat, drink, and socialize dot the Melrose Mile, affording it the familiar buzz of a small town, nestled in the heart of one of America’s largest cities.

And who hasn’t been to our annual street fair and classic car show?

and if civic participation is your thing, you won’t find more of it than in “Melrose.” Just drop that word down at City Hall and you’ll learn what it weighs in this town. In short, Melrose proves that places only begin with buildings, and our hood is home to some of the most creative, active, and opinionated citizens in Phoenix. Check them out:

Woodlea-Melrose Association

The Pierson Place Historic District

Grandview Neighborhood Association

Carnation Neighborhood Association

Seventh Avenue Merchant’s Association

Community Alliance of Seventh Avenue

Encanto Village Planning Committee

City of Phoenix Council District Four

Melrose is the most organized mile in the city.” – Pam Pawloski, enthusiast and leader.